Can I Eat Expired Cookies? (Answer May Surprise You)

by Shrabani Bhattacharyya
Can I Eat Expired Cookies

Who doesn’t like cookies? No matter your age, I bet you have a cookie jar where you store many cookies to eat whenever you feel the urge to have something sweet. People who eat cookies daily will not think about their expiration date. But people who sometimes eat them may question, Can I really eat expired cookies?

Luckily, you can. The expiry date you see on the packet of the cookies can last more days and even sometimes an additional week than the exact date it shows. Whether you eat homemade or stored cookies, eating them for a few weeks is safe. However, they may taste stale but won’t harm your body. 

However, there are still some things you must keep in mind before trying an expired cookie. So, without further ado, let’s jump into details. 

Cookies Shelf Life

Cookie TypeShelf Life at Room TemperatureShelf Life in the Freezer
Chocolate Chip2-3 Day3 Month
Sugar Cookies1 Week3-5 Month
Peanut Butter4-5 Day2 Month
Crackers1-2 months (Properly stored) Crackers do not freeze well
Macarons7 Day3 Month

Can You Eat Expired Cookies?

Can I Eat Expired Cookies

You can eat expired cookies, but ensure they’re still young. You can consume cookies for some more days, or sometimes a week from the exact day it is claimed to expire. For example, you bought a cookie packet, mentioning it will pass on 28 November 2023. 

You can still have those cookies from the 3rd to the 4th of December. It’s true that it will not taste as fresh as when you took the first bite, but it will not lose its taste entirely and will not cause harm to your body. To some experts, throwing food on the day it expires is actually wasting food. 

Are Expired Cookies Safe to Eat?

The answer to this question depends on how long the cookies were inside the jar after expiration. If those cookies aren’t too old, like 2 or 3 months (after crossing the expiration date), it’s not okay to consume them. 

Such old cookies can cause many health issues, especially stomach problems. For example, eating these old cookies can cause acidity and can even make you suffer from food poisoning.

But if those cookies are three 3 weeks old, there should be no problem except for one that will taste that good.

How Can I Determine if My Cookies Have Gone Bad?

Can I Eat Expired Cookies

There are a few key indicators to look out for. If they have turned significantly darker in color or have become overly dry and crumbly, it’s likely that they have gone bad.

However, you may still be able to eat that unless it gives a pungent smell or feels either too hard or soft. These signs that your expired cookies have gone wrong.

Personally, I don’t understand why you would choose to consume such cookies. Nevertheless, there are potential health risks associated with eating them, as they can lead to immediate stomach problems.

How Long Can I Eat Cookies Even After It Expires?

The answer here also depends on what type of cookies you eat. Are they bakery cookies?

If yes, then it will last only for 2 to 3 days. Soft cookies that come in packets and are opened generally last 7 to 10 days, and complex cookies last for three weeks if stored well in cookie jars. 

You can eat expired baked or homemade cookies for 2 more days after expiration, soft-packaged cookies for 2 weeks, and hard-packaged ones for 4 weeks. Whether handmade or packaged, hard cookies tend to stay in good condition longer than soft ones. 

How to Extend the Freshness of Cookies?

Can I Eat Expired Cookies

It is common to want them to remain fresh for as long as possible. You may even desire to preserve them for months, which may seem challenging considering that cookies typically only last for weeks.

Nevertheless, it is indeed possible to keep your cookies fresh for months by freezing them. Whether they are opened or unopened, soft or firm, any cookie can endure in the freezer for 4 to 5 months.

When you have a craving for some cookies, simply remove them from the freezer, place them on a plate, and heat them in the microwave to experience the delight of freshly baked treats.

Can You Eat 1 or 2 Years Old Expired Cookies?

No, you can’t eat 1 or 2-year-old cookies unless it’s mentioned on the package label. Generally, packaged cookies with this extended expiry date are rare. But some cookies can last one year at the most.

But no such cookie can be stored for two years and later eaten. I suggest avoiding cookies with a 1-year expiration date because that will 100% lose their authentic taste. 

Can You Use an Expired Cookie Mix?

Can I Eat Expired Cookies

Most people love to make cookies at home. The vital ingredient to make cookies is cookie mix or dough. Many throw away their cookie mix or dough some days or a week after it expires.

But you would be surprised to know that a cookie mix can last longer if appropriately stored in a jar inside the freezer. Experts say that storing and using a cookie mix for an additional month or two is possible. 

Final Words 

Sometimes, you remember having some cookies left in the cookie jar that has expired. A question hits your brain in such a case: “Can I eat expired cookies?” Well, now you know that answer that you can unless they’re too old.

If you still have more questions regarding expired cookies, ask me in the comment box. Thank you for being with me till the end, and I hope it helped you end your confusion. 

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