Can You Bake Cheesecake With A Hand Mixer?: A Beginner’s Guide

by Shrabani Bhattacharyya
Can You Bake Cheesecake With A Hand Mixer?

Cheesecake is a mouthful dessert everybody likes and makes on different occasions. Baking a cheesecake might seem a difficult task, but anyone can make it easily using a hand mixer.

If you want to know if you can bake cheesecake with a hand mixer, this is the right place to find all your answers. Follow the steps and tips throughout the guide to bake your own cheesecake to enjoy your sweet treats.

Can I Bake Cheesecake With A Hand Mixer?

You can easily bake a cheesecake using a hand mixer. It’s a very easy equipment to use and helps to prevent a dirty environment in the kitchen. For perfect baking, you need to follow a few steps and tricks to bake the best cake for your family and friends.

What Does A Hand Mixer Do In Baking A Cheesecake?

A hand mixer is an equipment used in mixing or beating ingredients for smooth consistency. In terms of making a cake, a hand mixer can surely help to even out all the ingredients.

The hand mixer comes with two removable beaters which you can use with or without the power. Generally, mixing ingredients with your hands can be a hassle since it will make your hands as well as your environment dirty.

In baking a cheesecake, you can use this mixer to combine the ingredients and make a perfect batter. Also, it will give you the power to choose the exact speed or agitation you need to get your desired smooth and fluffy cheesecake.


Main Ingredients Of Cheesecake Recipe With A Hand Mixer

To bake a cheesecake with a hand mixer, you need to gather some ingredients which will help you prepare the tastiest cake. The key ingredients and equipments  are:


Hand Mixer

A hand mixer is essential for combining all the ingredients for cheesecake. This allows the creation of a smooth batter for perfect baking.

Springform Tin

This tin helps to set the cheesecake in one place. You can get it from any shop and in different shapes and sizes.



Cheese is the main ingredient in this recipe. Cheese is an old staple food of people worldwide which is popularly known for its smooth texture, sour taste and creaminess.

Add 2 pounds or 300 grams of cheese according to your choice. Ensure that the cheese is fresh and has an expiration date.

Double Cream

Double cream or sour cream is important to add moisture to the filling, making the cheesecake creamier and less dense. Adding this of 300 ml would bring the perfect balance of sweetness and sourness to your cheesecake.


Sugar is another core ingredient to ensure the balance of flavours. Adding only cheese or sour cream will make the cheesecake taste sour and bitter too. Hence to balance out the overall taste, add 1 cup of sugar or more less depending on your taste buds.

Remember to taste the batter repeatedly to understand the need for other ingredients.

Vanilla/ Lemon Zest

Vanilla or lemon zest can be substituted to add a hint of flavour to your cheesecake. Though it’s an optional ingredient, adding 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence or lemon zest can enhance the overall flavour of your cheesecake.

Crackers/ Biscuits

Biscuits or crackers would be much needed to create the base for the cake. You need to take 10-12 digestive biscuits or 20 crackers for the perfect base of your cheesecake.


Butter will allow the biscuits to stick to the pan till the end. You just need to spread the butter entirely to the inside of the pan before putting the crushed biscuits. You can also add butter to the biscuits to ensure they combine properly.

How To Bake Cheesecake With A Hand Mixer

Can You Bake Cheesecake With A Hand Mixer?

To prepare the cheesecake with a hand mixer, you need to follow a few steps.

Step 01: Create The Biscuit Base

Crush the biscuits in a food processor or beat them with a spoon till you find fine pieces. Use melted butter to combine the crushed biscuits and mix till they start to bind together.

Later brush the butter all through the pan and pour the crushed biscuits. Use a spoon to smooth the base and keep it to chill in the fridge.

Step 02: Mix The Other Ingredients Using Hand Mixer

Take a bowl and in that, put cheese, sour cream and sugar and mix them together using the hand mixer. Beat till the mixture feels smooth and no lumps are visible. Later add vanilla extract or lemon zest into the mixture.

Step 03: Assemble Everything

Now, pour the wet mixture on the biscuit base using a spoon and smooth it out. Tap on the surface to avoid lumps or bubbles.

Step 04: Bake The Cheesecake

Bake the cheesecake at 160℃/ 320℉ for an hour. You can also choose to give a water bath to reduce cracks on the surface. The steam from the bath will be enough to raise the cheesecake and flatten it later.

Step 05: Serve And Enjoy

After the cheesecake is baked, take it out of the oven or water bath and keep it under the fan to cool it down. Later serve and enjoy with your family and friends.

Top 04 Tips To Bake Cheesecake With A Hand Mixer

There are a few tips you may follow to bake a cheesecake with a hand mixer:

●      Do not over-mix the ingredients which may cause the cake to break.

●      Use cold ingredients and do not overbake.

●      Use a water bath only with leak proof pans.

●       Cool down the cheesecake before serving.

Bottom Line

By reading this far you might have realized if you can bake a cheesecake with a hand mixer. Hand mixers are useful to control and create smooth batter for the cake. Using it also saves your electricity bills as well.

So what are you waiting for? Buy a hand mixer today and bake the perfect cheesecake for your family and friends.

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