Cracker vs Cookie: Know the Difference

by Shrabani Bhattacharyya
Cracker vs Cookie

Both crackers and cookies are their favourite to people. These are often stored in our houses inside jars. We not only eat them but also offer them to guests who come to visit us. Many people think crackers and cookies are the same, but they are not. So, cracker vs. cookie: what’s the difference?

Crackers and cookies are two different foods. They differ in verbal meaning, taste, texture, and the making process. While crackers are thin, tiny, salty, and come in different shapes, the cookies are thick, big, sweet, and come in round figures. 

But this small piece of information can’t clarify the genuine concept of crackers and cookies. There is more to learn, like which one of them is snack, dessert, or healthy. I will give each little detail of the two so that you can understand everything. So, here’s all you must know. 

What is the Difference Between Cracker and Cookie?

Cracker vs Cookie

Crackers and cookies don’t have one or two dissimilarities but more. Some may think that the two are the same, but the differences make them completely two varied foods. 

Verbal Meaning 

The definition of a cracker, according to, is “a thin crunchy wafer created from water mixed with flour with or without flavouring and oil; without sugar or with sugar.” On the contrary. The literal meaning of a cookie is “any variety of tiny round and plain sweet cakes (‘biscuit’ in the British word).”

Making Process 

Crackers: In order to make crackers, one must not use sugar of more than 30% and use flour that can make soft dough with more gluten quality. Gluten development in crackers is a must since it will make them strong enough to be crunchy. 

There should be layers of the dough. One can also add flavours like spices, cheese, or stock sweet to make it taste different from the cookies. Hence, for not being lovable, crackers are eaten with meat slices, jam, butter, dips, liver pate, peanut butter, and preserved fruits. 

Cookies: To make cookies, you must put more than 30% sugar so that they work like an antiplasticizer and stop gluten development. The higher the percentage of sugar, the lower the chance of gluten development. 

You can only use sweet toppings like peanuts, chocolates, dried fruits, toffee, or sprinkled sugar to add flavour to cookies. So they became sweet enough to have them with tea, milk, or coffee and served as desserts. 


Crackers: Crackers are generally crispy in texture. They make crunchy sounds when breaking in half. 

Cookies: Cookies are more substantial in texture than crackers. They aren’t easily broken in halves and are crumbly. 


Crackers: Crackers taste different depending on the flavours and seasonings used. They, however,  never taste sweet but mostly seem salty. 

Cookies: Cookies are always sweet. Some are less sweet, and others are sweeter. However people make spicy cookies these days, but that’s rare. Most people love cookies for their sweetness. 


Crackers: Crackers come in various shapes. Generally, they are given triangular, round, and square shapes. 

Cookies: Cookies are usually given round shapes, but there are exceptions on occasions like Christmas when cookies are made in humans and Christmas tree shapes. 

Cracker vs Cookie

Although both crackers and cookies are world-famous, you’ll be surprised to know that crackers are considered healthier. The primary reason it is a healthier choice is that it has less to no sugar. Less sugar means fewer calories. 

Besides, it is also labelled as a “healthy food” since they’re seasoned with different herbs and seeds. On the other hand, cookies only have ingredients that contain sugar. It also has oil. As a result, it offers a higher amount of calories and hence is considered unhealthy. 

Final Words 

I hope my blog was helpful enough to give you a clear concept of the difference between crackers and cookies. Although cookies aren’t healthy enough, like crackers, they taste better. If you have further queries regarding the two or are looking for homemade cookies and crackers recipes, comment below without any hesitation. 

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